Tebyan rahbord parsi company with the help of god , in order to achieve its goals ,to achieve self-sufficiency and having a modern building ,enterprise to establish and equip a fully automatic line under license from Schnell house and Tecnodinamica  from Italy  with "TRP " brand .
The company's technical experts organized  in the field of" Technical-Engineering"  and" Architecture –Civil engineering " , and  able to keep it's academic excellence by attract top creative staff . and by attainment knowledge , technology and advance technology , now is one of the biggest building insulation materials producer by Energy saving and environment lover attitude.


TRP Roofs

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TRP Walls

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TRP Conrete Wall

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TRP Moaragh Ornament

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TRP Projects


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Esfahan office: negarestan 2,masroor crossroads,Qaem maghame farahani street

Tel:+9831 - 36308345

Tehran office:No 3 Farivar alley, lower than the shoa'e square, Qaem magham street, hafte tir square

Tel: +9821 - 88329001

Factory: TRP Factory ,TRP alley ,khoram industrial town , Isfahan_Shiraz road

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